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Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas VI USEK 2006 - English Exam

Check your level of English for free. The purpose is to help high school students prepare for comprehensive exams in English. Let doing your test now.

To the Beach
        Last Sunday, Mr. Danny and his students went to the beach. They went to Pangandaran beach, in Ciamis Regency. They went to Pangandaran by bus. On the way they were happy. They sang together.
        In Pangandaran the sun was shinning brightly. The wind was blowing gently. The waves were running. They always broke in the sand. Some students were swimming in the shallow water. Some children were playing football in the sand. Others were sitting on the mat under the trees shadow. Mr. Danny was sitting under the coconut tree. He was watching his students. They enjoyed the beauty of the beach. At the afternoon, they went home. The students looked tired, but they were happy.

1.    X : "When Mr. Danny and his students go to Pangandaran?"
Y: "They go to Pangandaran ........".
A. Last Sunday
B. Last Monday
C. Last Tuesday
D. Last Wednesday

2.    X : "Where is Pangandaran in?"
Y : "Pangandaran is in ........"
A. Tasikmalaya regency
B. Bogor regency
C. Banjar regency
D. Ciamis regency

3.    Mr. Danny is sitting ........ the coconut tree.
A. Under
B. In
C. On
D. At

4.    The students are playing football on the ........
A. Beach
B. Sea
C. Sand
D. Water

5.    The students looked tired but they were happy.
The antonym happy is ........
A. Thirsty
B. Sad
C. Sleepy
D. Hungry

6.    Chris John is champion of ........
A. Chess
B. Badminton
C. Boxing
D. Tennis

7.    Persib is a football team from ........
A. Malang
B. Medan
C. Jakarta
D. Bandung

8.    Famous horticulture from Indramayu is. ........
A. Mango
B. Rambutan
C. Pear
D. Orange

9.    Hafsah : "Have you ever go to Sea World?"
             "What is the smart fish in Sea World?"
Milla    : "Yes, I have. The smart fish in Sea World is ........
A. Shark
B. Dolphin
C. Well
D. Goldfish

10.    If you want to save your money, you have to go to ........
A. Post office
B. Hospital
C. Bank
D. Market

11.    Apple has ........ inside.
A. Leaf
B. Twig
C. Root
D. Seed

12.    Teacher  : "Would you close the door, please."
Students : " ........".
A. Yes, of course
B. Yes, thank you
C. Yes, I am
D. Yes, of course not

13.    The fisherman use ........ to catch some fishes.
A. Net
B. Knife
C. Hoe
D. Plate

14.    ........ museum collects many kinds of weapons.
A. Geological
B. Post office
C. Army
D. Sri Baduga

15.    Tuberculosis can infect other people through ........
A. Direct contact
B. Mosquito
C. Air
D. Insect

16.    In the hospital, dead people are put in ........
A. Nursing room
B. Emergency room
C. Mortuary room
D. Garage

17.    ........ is used to bring sick people to the hospital.
A. Plane
B. Bus
C. Bike
D. Ambulance

18.    Elephant is a big animal. Antonym big is ........
A. Little
B. Most
C. Best
D. Sweet

19.    Amir is a dilligent student, but Hasan is a ........ student.
A. Smart
B. Kind
C. Lazy
D. Clever

20.    Nining and Dewi ........ studying English now.
A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. It

21.    Every morning my mother goes to the ........ to buy some vegetables.
A. Restaurant
B. Hotel
C. Hospital
D. Market

22.    ........ is a place for travelers to stay.
A. Restaurant
B. Hotel
C. Hospital
D. Market

23.    Someone who gives us information about hotel is ........
A. Receptionist
B. Room boy
C. Manager
D. Security

24.    The students can borrow some books in the ........
A. Pharmacy
B. Laboratory
C. Museum
D. Library

25.    Indonesia has ........ seasons.
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

26.    In dry seasons the weather is ........
A. Cool
B. Dark
C. Hot
D. Wet

27.    In rainy seasons, sometimes take ........
A. Flood
B. Hot
C. Brightly
D. Dry

28.    Someone who controls the tickets on the train is ........
A. Engine driver
B. Conductor
C. Passenger
D. Signalman

29.    If you go to Surabaya by plane, you must go to ........
A. Airport
B. Station
C. Harbor
D. Shelter

To operate the computer we use ........
A. Mouse
B. Monitor
C. Keyboard
D. Printer

31.    Rini           : "Hello, can I speak Mr. Utang?"  
Mr. Utang : "Yes, I am. What can I do for you?"
The dialogue above is speaking on the ........
A. Radio
C. Facsimile
D. Telephone

My father goes to Jakarta by ........
A. Bus
B. Train
C. Car
D. Plane

33.    We use ........ to clean our body.
A. Towel
B. Soap
C. Shower
D. Dipper

This is a ........ It is use to dry your body.
A. Soap
B. Shower
C. Toothbrush
D. Towel

35.    What is this? This is a ........
A. Leaf
B. Twig
C. Root
D. Branch

No. Kunci
1. A
2. D
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. A
9. B
10. C
No. Kunci
11. D
12. A
13. A
14. C
15. C
16. C
17. D
18. A
19. C
20. B
No. Kunci
21. D
22. B
23. A
24. D
25. B
26. C
27. A
28. B
29. A
30. C
No. Kunci
31. D
32. D
33. B
34. D
35. A

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