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123 Any Street * Any Town, USA 55555 * (555) 555-5555 *


  Passionate, dedicated educator seeking a position teaching elementary education in a public school.


    Dually certified to teach (permanent) regular and special education.


  • Five years of experience teaching regular and special education, grades K-6 in a private school.
  • Masters degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Information Technology.
  • Extensive experience on school improvement committees and after-school activities / programs. 


Company, Town, XX                      Date - Present
Teacher - First and Second Grades

  • Teach first and second grade special education students in a self-contained 15:1:1 classroom setting. 
  • Maintain excellent classroom management skills and an ability to keep students on task.
  • Use behavior modification techniques as a motivator for improving conduct and encouraging participation.
  • Integrate multiple teaching styles to intensify the range of learning.
  • Supervise stimulating math learning centers utilizing various manipulatives.
  • Teach guided reading lessons to model questioning, clarification, and problem solving techniques.
  • Assist with the formulation of Individual Education Programs, and generate quarterly report cards.
  • Evaluate student progress and support recommendations for further student development.
  • Attend and participate in Special Education Staff Conferences and CSE Annual Review Meetings. 

Company, Town, XX                      Date - Date
Teacher - Second Grade

  • Taught a second grade regular education class with 32 multicultural students.
  • Utilized multiple teaching methods that included visual, tactical, and auditory materials to reinforce or simplify complex concepts, such as Sand Letters that assist in letter recognition by feeling formations.
  • Expanded the range of learning through whole class, individual, and small group instruction, cooperative education, and math, science, reading, art, and multi-sensory learning centers.
  • Led integrated social studies/writing units that allowed students to bridge the gap between real world issues and course material through library and Internet research, interviews, and creative writing exercises.
  • Challenged students to master basic math concepts through implementation of manipulative (food, squares of varying colors, sizes, shapes), graphing, and charting exercises that developed problem-solving skills.
  • Integrated technology into the learning process with computer lab assignments using self-paced programs such as Math Blaster/Reader Rabbit that develop studentsí cognitive abilities and basic computer/keyboarding skills.
  • Communicated with parents to acknowledge superior work and areas of concern through weekly newsletters, and encouraged parent-volunteer assistance throughout the year.

Company, Town, XX                      Date - Date
Teacher - First Grade

  • Taught a first grade class with 27 regular and mainstreamed students.
  • Implemented a Direct a Balanced Literacy Program utilizing a Whole Language and phonemic awareness approach to reading, science, and social studies in accordance to ELA, IEPs, state, and district standards. 
  • Employed the use of a buddy system to facilitate student partnering of non-readers with advanced readers.
  • Ensured the classís entry in the school's first grade Power Literacy Program contest requiring each student to complete 25 books a year and a weekly book report. Led class to achieve recognition as first place winners.
  • Accessed studentsí prior knowledge through use of graphic organizers that allowed students to preview a story beforehand, predict outcomes, and orally present their findings in a coherent, detailed manner.


     College, Town, XX
     Degree Name, Major, Date

     College, Town, XX
     Degree Name, Major, Date


     Windows / Macintosh; MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint; various educational software titles 

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